We will once more open its doors for all the great players, to meet and greet once again and to fight for the title of the greatest in each gaming system.

This year we will be hosting tournaments in Warhammer 40.000 ETC qualification, 9th Age, Flames of War Malifaux, Warmachine/Hordes, Age of Sigmar and Blood Bowl.

In addition to that, we will have a hobby lounge where you can sit a build and paint your models together with other painters, and maybe get a friendly wargame with your friends.

FAQ for ArosCon

I am not able to come, can i get a refund?2018-10-11T21:25:08+02:00

We are not able to make a refund, if you are not able to attend.
If the event you bought a ticket for is cancelled, the ticket will be refunded.

What can i buy to eat?2018-08-28T14:41:42+02:00

You can buy food and sandwiches, as well as beer and soda in the cafeteria.
All tickets have free coffee and tea included.

If you dont want to stand in line and wait for your burger, we have made it easy with our all inclusive menu, which you can buy when you buy your ticket.

Please be aware that bringing your own food and beverages is not allowed in the cafeteria.

Do you have any allergies, if there is something you dont eat for religious reasons or if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Please let us know in the comments when buying your ticket.

So we can make an alternative for you.

OBS: For Warhammer 40.000, please let your team captain know, so he/she can let us know when buying the ticket.

What does it cost?2018-08-21T16:24:44+02:00

See the price of the tournaments here.

Diner saturday are incl. in the price, expect for Blood Bowl and the Hobby Lounge.
But its is possible to buy food at the cafeteria.

Where will it be held?2018-01-16T16:45:24+02:00

Aarhus Firmasport

Paludan-Müllers Vej 110
8200 Aarhus N

When will it happen?2018-08-24T13:38:34+02:00

ArosCon 2018 Fall will be held on november the 10th – 11th.

The doors open november the  9th at 18:00.
The tournaments start on the 10th.

If you come on the 10th, you will be able to play some casual fun games, there will not be planned anything organized, but you are welcome to bring a board game.

Warhammer 40.000

Tournament rules

Aroscon proudly presents: The Danish ETC Qualification 2018.

Tournament rules

A Warhammer 40.000 team tournament at Aroscon fall 2018.

The best (and the worst) 5 men teams in Denmark will compete over 2 days and 5 games for the honor of representing Denmark at the next European Team Championship in warhammer 40.000 in 2019 Novi Sad in Serbia.

The victorious team will earn the privilege of picking the Danish national team. (The requirement is that the winning team must have at least 3 danish players in it.) Come join us at the biggest and most intensive warhammer 40.000 event all of Denmark at Aroscon fall 2018.

Buy you ticket below.


Yes that’s right, this is a 5 man team tournament, and you cannot join unless your part of a 5 man team. In fact we will strongly encourage each team to select a team captain, and that said captain buys the tickets, join our facebook page and follow us on our forum (more below) to make sure that each team have at least one person who follow up on any updates, faq’s our questions that should arise as the tournament draws closer. In case we need to contact a team or we need to vote on the use of an FaQ or something similar, it will always be the responsibility of the captain, and only the captain of each team, to answer those calls.

Rules, information and Faq’s

We will try to put all the rules in one, and only one place. That place will be on the most frequently used 40k forum in Denmark.

Specifically all the 40k rules, missions and faq’s can be found here.

(it’s in Danish, but please do not hesitate to ask if that’s not your primary language.)

Questions can also be asked on facebook.

We follow the European Team Championship rules and missions. They are all posted, on our forum.

Price per team will be: 1750 DKK.

Buy your ticket here.

Please note when you buy a ticket for a team you will be asked for all the team members contact information and nicknames for (this is voluntary but we be highly appreciated), how many meals you will purchase in advance (this is also voluntary, but can raise the final price of the ticket.) and how many of you team will sleep over and on which days they will do so. We have limited sleeping spots.

Please consider to have that information ready for the whole team when you join.

We are looking forward to see you all.

Regards Team Aroscon in collaboration with and 40k Århus.

9th Age

Tournament rules

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age is an independent table top miniature wargame set in a fantasy world, in which players take control of armies and set them upon one another in mighty battles.

Tournament rules

The tournament format of ArosCon will be.

  • 5000 points single tournament.
  • There will be 5 games. 3 Saturday and 2 Sunday.
  • For more information see the tournament pack.

FAQ for 9th Age

See FAQ here.

Warmachine / Hordes

Tournament rules

What you will need

  • Front arc-markings on all models.

  • Dice, tokens, tape measure, templates, etc.

  • Bring either fully updated War Room on the phone or tablet, or updated cards from Privateer Press. Errata is ‘locked’ two weeks before the event’s start, ie any errata announced after October 26th will not be used. Remember to bring power to your devices.

  • Bring chess clock or use an app to keep track of time (War Room has this feature).

  • Bring lists in written form to opponents and the TO, or present a link to conflictchamber to the TO to your lists.

FAQ for Warmachine / Hordes

Feel free to ask us further questions if you have any!

How will terrain be handled?2018-01-16T18:03:32+02:00

Terrain will be placed similarly on all tables for each round, to ensure an even playing field for all contestants.

Which scenarios will be used at the tournament?2018-08-31T14:12:22+02:00

The TO will pick a set of Masters 2018 scenarios to use for the tournament. The picked scenarios will not be announced before the tournament start.

Can I bring converted or scratch-built models?2018-09-02T21:49:41+02:00

Yes, to a degree. Refer to the Masters 2018 document for general guidelines. If in doubt, please contact us, and we will review your model see here.

Can I bring any units currently undergoing CID, or who have been through a CID process and are not live yet?2018-01-16T18:02:18+02:00

No, you can’t bring anything to the tournament that has not yet been made publicly available and official from Privateer Press.

Will this tournament be ranked for the selection of WTC members for the Danish teams?2018-01-16T18:01:49+02:00

Yes, your participation in this event will be registered with the WTC rankings.

Can I use ADR?2018-01-16T18:01:26+02:00

No, you can’t use ADR for this tournament.

Must I bring two lists?2018-08-31T14:13:24+02:00

Yes, as this is the official Masters format, you must bring two lists. Note that the lists can contain more or less the same models, only switching out the warcaster or warlock

Flames of War

Tournament rules

Tournament rules

Real time campaign – Breakout on the Eastern Front

10th  November 2018
Aarhus, Denmark

The Flames of War event for ArosCon II November is called Breakout on the Eastern Front. It is a two-day real time campaign where players fight on either the German or Russian side of a encirclement battle. There are two important notes to consider when signing up for this event:

  1. It’s a Real time campaign – not a fair and balanced tournament with a pairing of players. You will probably end up in unfair situations but you will be feeling a greater purpose to your battle.
  2. The games are not only 1v1 player but can be 2v2 and even 2v1. Also, you are going to form battlegroups that will work together for the victory: either trapping the German troops or securing an escape corridor.

The Real Time mechanic is explained in detail in our briefing (in Danish) but you will be planning your army’s movement on a map and fight desperate battles to hold out against a superior enemy or punch a quick hole in the enemy defenses.

Your victories and losses during your games affect the outcome of the overall battle for the pocket.

When you participate in ArosCon II November: Breakout on the Eastern Front you can expect the following:

  • A real time campaign with movement, events and planning with the rest of your team
  • A strategic campaign where your individual battles add up in reaching your overall objectives
  • It’s an event that has a campaign driven focus – not a tournament focus
  • Both sides should expect to attack and defend equally as the battles with be a mix of attacks and counter attacks from both sides
  • 1400 pts
  • V4 rules
  • Fully painted armies
  • Formations from Grey Wolf, Herman Göring, Red Bear and Desperate Measures
  • Please prepare reserves before the battle. You are free to make as many “reserve options” as you want.

Want to know more?

See the Real Time campaign briefing here (danish) and here (english).

Please join our Facebook group made specifically for discussing the event by clicking here.

Here you will get updates and be able to talk with the organizers and the other attendees.

FAQ for Flames of War


Tournament rules

We are going to have a 5 round tournament over 2 days.

  • Format: Gaining Grounds 2018
  • Crewsize: 50ss.
  • Fixed faction.
  • 5 rounds.
  • Fully painted models and bases.

Remember you will need have markers for everything both strategy and schemes, the better you make them the better it looks on the table and the more you win… thats a fact!


ArosCon presentation
Table walkthrough
Round 1 – Interference, Standard Deployment
Round 2 – Supply Wagons, Corner Deployment
Round 3 – Symbols of Authority, Flank Deployment


Round 4 – Public Executions, Standard Deployment
Round 5 – Extraction, Close Deployment

What you will need

  • Fully painted crew

  • Fully painted (printed or lasercut) markers, corpse, scrap, guard the stash markers etc.
    No blank markers.

  • Updated statcard (please check your statcards on this page)

  • Gaining Grounds 2018 stategy and scheme deck or equivalent (can be downloaded here)

  • Fatedeck (Puppet Wars fatedeck is not allowed)

  • Tape measure

FAQ for Malifaux

What markers do i need?2018-04-03T13:18:18+02:00

At ArosCon 2018 Spring you will need these markers.

3 x 50mm Ht 5, Blocking, Impassable, Hard Cover, Strategy Marker.
1 x 50mm Ht3, Blocking, Impassable, Hard Cover, Supply Wagon Marker.
X x 30mm Head marker.
1 x 30mm Informant marker.
5 x 30mm Evidence Marker.

Plus if you need Corpse markers, Scrap markers or other crew specific markers.

To be future prof, you will also need 2 x 50mm Ht5, Blocking, Impassable, Hard Cover, Stash marker.

What does Fixed Faction mean?2018-02-01T13:54:37+02:00

Fixed Faction means you select your faction, and between each round you can select your master and crew from that faction + mercenaries.

What ruleset are we using?2018-01-16T18:43:09+02:00

We are using Wyrds Gaining Grounds 2018.

They can be downloaded from here.

What are the minimum work allowed on my bases2017-02-21T20:19:24+02:00

First of all, the base is part of the model, and the model needs to be fully painted, the amount of work you put into the model and its base, should be so much so you are proud of it.

Here are some ideas for bases

Tournament rules

Tournament Rules

The Age of Hope is over, and Age of Sigmar is back for its second tournament at ArosCon! Now with more magic, command abilities and everything else the great new edition has to offer. This time the tournament features 5 games over 2 days with more time for each game. Come and celebrate the new edition with likeminded generals from across the realms. Only the faithful!/Waaaaaaaaagh!/All hail Nagash!/Blood for the Blood God!/etc.

  • 2000 points single tournament
  • 3 games Saturday, 2 games Sunday, 12 seats
  • Only fully painted armies are allowed
  • Prize for highest score and best painted army
  • Full Second Edition Matched Play rules are used, tournament rules pack coming soon, updated FAQs can be found here.
  • Converted models are welcome, but all models must be equipped so they clearly represent their warscroll. All converted models must be approved by the tournament organizer. Only GW miniatures are allowed.
  • Send your army list and any questions to tournament organizer Johannes at either Messenger or Email and join the Facebook event.

Download the rulepack here.

Download the armylists and prepare for war here.

What will you need

  • Dice

  • Tape measure

  • The warscrolls you need

Hobby lounge

Once again we will set up a dedicated hobby section for professionals and amateurs alike, to come and hang out, drink coffee and perhaps put some paint on a couple of minis.

During the course of ArosCon, a couple of events will happen:

  • Slow paint competition, complete one project from start to finish including assembly, basing etc., during the course of ArosCon.
  • Various other painting competitions, e.g. speedpainting, draftpainting…

We hope to see you at the tables!

Warhammer 40.000
9th Age
Warmachine / Hordes
Flames of War
Age of Sigmar
Hobby Lounge